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Family Services

Child Abuse


Report child abuse to the police or:


For children with behavioural concerns, immediate help should be sought.  For faster attention, private professional help is recommended and this can be through:


Government facilities - this might take longer:

  • Child Guidance Clinic
    Brandford Taitt Polyclinic, Black Rock Tel  536-3119

  • Juvenile Liaison Scheme
    Roebuck, Street, Bridgetown
    Tel 430-7159


For Assistance With Drug Abuse


Domestic Violence

Advocates Against Domestic Abuse
Email            Tel   432-2873

Need A Shelter /Crisis Centre                     Tel   435-8222

Services For The Physically and Mentally Challenged

A C Graham Children Development Centre

Lady meade Gardens, Jemmotts Lane,  Tel 427-9514


B'dos Assoc for Children with Intellectual Challenges

Challenor Complex, Canefield;  Tel 438-6862


Barbados Council of The Disabled

Harambee House, The Garrison;  Tel 427-8136


Barbados National Organisation for the Disabled

P. O. Box 267, B'town;  Tel 248-0656


Bdos Organisation of Parents of the Disabled  (OPOD)

Tel 437-5456

Family Services  - General


Nanny Services 


Baby Sitting Services  


Barbados Family Planning 

Medical Professionals


The Child Care Board - (Child Care, Adoptions, Foster Care)

PAREDOS  Perry Gap, Roebuck Street, Bridgetown, Barbados      Tel  427-0212

Family Services  -  For The Sight, Hearing and Speech Impaired

The Blind In Barbados


Deaf Barbados Inc. (New Life Deaf Club)
c/oLionel Jason Smithen

Tel 431-9604

Services For Persons With Medical Challenges


Asthma Association of Barbados
Tyrol Cot, Spooners Hill,  
Tel 438-5102


Barbados Cancer Society
Henry's Lane, St. Michael
Tel 436-8888

Cancer Support Services

'Aborside', Belmont Road,
Tel 228-7081


Diabetes & Hypertension Association  of B'dos
Barbarees Hill   Tel 436-9027


Heart & Stroke Foundation of Bdos 
Jemmotts lane, Tel 437-3312

M.S. Society of Barbados Inc.
Tel 571-1601

Myasthenia Gravis Association of Barbados    Tel 622-1601

For Persons With Learning Challenges


ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Be guided by the child's medical doctor.

Autism Association of Barbados
Please contact Barbados Council For The Disabled Tel 427-8136 or or Sun Shine Early Invention Trust (see below).

Barbados Down Syndrome Association
c/o Asha Alleyne-Renwick  Telephone 843-9948

Muscular Dystrophy

Please contact Barbados Council For The Disabled
Tel 427-8136 or email:


Sunshine Early Stimulation Centre
Perry Gap, Roebuck Street,  Tel 622-2038


Check: Education For children with special needs 


Services For Challenged Persons With Athletic Interest


Paralympic Association of Barbados
Hindsbury Road, St. Michael  Tel 622-1601 x 1609


Special Olympics  'Arbor House',  #23 James St., B'town

Tel 426-9064

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