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Education Aid

Assessment of Children

There are many varying reasons why a child might need to be assessed. 

Our section on
Child Health provides information that can be useful in getting help for children.  From the time a concern is spotted, get help, as early intervention is very important. 

The Albert Cecil Graham Development Centre, which is a multidisciplinary centre operated by the Ministry of Health offers assistance for children with the following concerns:


  • Developmental Delays      Autism Spectrum Disorders 

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Intellectual Deficiency      Specific Learning Disabilities

  • Communication Disorders                    Other Disorders 

The Centre offers developmental paediatricians who use various approaches to assess children and they help parents understand the diagnoses and plans of intervention.

Private specialists who can help with various childhood conditions are also available.  

Speech and Language Therapists can  work with children who are late to speak and who are not understanding what is being said to them.

They also diagnose autism, apraxia of speech, dyslexia, etc. Speech and Language Therapists have a huge role to play in literacy acquisition and they can also suggest any further specialised treatment for the child. 


Hearing Specialist. If your child is having problems hearing.

It is also important to have your child's eyes tested if he/she is having problems seeing. See Information on the eyes.

Occupational Therapist  can evaluate developmental issues in children, eg. skills for playing, school performance, daily activities 

If your child has a physical injury from sports or disease, you may want to see a
 Physical Therapist .


If you are concerned about the mental and emotional state of your child - behavioural issues, suicidal and self harming, depression, stress and anxiety.  Children who were sexually assaulted, raped or bullied you should consider having that child see a psychologist or psychiatrist.

School Shuttle Service

Child Development Professionals

Private Tuition 

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