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Nanny & Baby Sitting Services

Entrusting someone to care for your children can be challenging because you want to find someone who is mature and friendly, has common sense, and is genuinely fond of children. 


You do not want a person who is just looking for some quick money.


When you choose your baby sitter, you should have check them out thoroughly to make sue that he or she is someone that you would want around your children.  


Prepare a list of questions to ask the baby sitter.  Ask about the sitter's experience caring for children and try to spend some time with him or her before leaving the person alone with your children.


Instructions For The Babysitter


Before you walk out the door let your babysitter know your expectations.  


If you'd prefer that the sitter not leave the house with your child, make that clear. If the babysitter is a driver, let him or her know the rules about driving your kids.  If the phone and visitors are off limits, discuss those restrictions.

Make sure that the sitter knows what kind of television programs you allow to be shown around your children and the language you expect to be used or not used around them.

It is important that you let your baby sitter know where you stand on spanking and shouting at your children.  Do not allow the sitter to spank your child, but they can call you in the case of any emergency or difficulty with the child.

You also have to tell the baby sitter about medications for children and warn them against giving the child anything that you do not want the child to have.


Prepare the sitter with the following information:  You can also use the form at the right for the baby sitter.


  • Go over your child's usual routine (homework, bed time, meal times) and your general house rules, including any limits on TV, computer use, video games, playing outside, etc.

  • Make sure the sitter knows where you will be and how to reach you at all times, and who to contact in case of an emergency.  Provide an emergency phone list that includes neighbours, friends, relatives, and your doctor.  

  • Show the sitter where you keep the anything that would be important in the case of any emergency.

  • Let the sitter know of any special problems your child may have, such as an allergies to insects, certain foods, or household products, or the need for medication at a specific time (explain and write down the directions).

  • Review your first-aid kit with the sitter.

  • Teach your children how to call for help in case of an emergency.

Nanny & Baby Sitting Services
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