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Special Needs Education 

The Mentally and Physically Challenged 

Albert Cecil Graham Development Centre 
Ladymeade Gardens, Jemmotts Lane, St. Mic  Tel 427-9514

Ann Hill School
Pine Plantation Road, St. Michael                      Tel 426-2358

Challenor Creative Arts and Training Centre
Canefield, St. Thomas         
                                    Tel 438-6967

Sight and hearng Impaired

Irving Wilson School
Pine Plantation Road                                                   Tel 429-231

Special educational needs that affect a child’s ability to learn can include their:

  • behaviour or ability to socialise, eg not being able to make friends

  • reading and writing, eg they have dyslexia

  • ability to understand things

  • concentration levels, eg they have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • physical needs or impairments


The Special Needs Education Services of the Ministry of Education ensure that provision is made for students experiencing any of the following challenges:


Autism, visual impairment, hearing impairment, speech and language impairment, physical impairment, learning difficulties, mental challenges and giftedness.


The Special Needs Education Services focuses on the identification of students for placement through multidisciplinary evaluation.  Provision is made for students to be assisted with devices such as hearing aids.  


Special Needs Education is addressed in three ways: 

1. in the regular classroom,

2. in the special classroom in the regular school 

3. in the special unit or special education school.  


At present, Special Education services are provided in specially equipped classrooms (Special Units) in eight (8) public primary schools.


Children who are deaf or hearing impaired, blind or visually impaired attend The Irving Wilson School.


The Ann Hill School caters to secondary school age children with global developmental delays and other disabilities. 


Placements in these programmes are facilitated through the Student Services Support Section in the Ministry of Education  and Human Resource Development. 

Applications must reach the Section by March 31st for admissions to take effect in September.

Schools For Children With Special Needs


John Payne School For Excellent Children
Perry Gap, Roebuck Street   Tel 435-2604

Sunshine ESC.jpg

Sunshine Early Stimulation Centre
Perry Gap, Roebuck Street  Telephone 622-2038

Government Schools - Special Unit

All Saints Primary School (Speical Unit)
Pleasant Hall, St. Peter                                             Tel 422-6506

Charles F Broome Primary School (Special Unit)
Government Hill, St. Michael                               Tel 435-0786

Eagle Hall Primary School  (Special Unit)
Eagle Hall, St. Michael                                             Tel 421-7517

Erdiston Primary School (Special Unit)
Erdiston Drive, St. Michael                                   Tel 436-6148

Ellerton Primary School (Special Unit)
Ellerton, St. George                                                  Tel 435-1342

St. Matthews Primary School (Special Unit)
Ellerton, St. George                                                  Tel 426-0520

Hilda Skeene Primary School (Special Unit) 
St. Philip                                                                      Tel 423-6135

St Stephen's Primary School (Special Unit)  
Black Rock, St. Michael                                           Tel 424-3629

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