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Family Time At The Beach.

Going to the beach with your family?

heck the conditions at the beach and make sure that there is a life guard at the beach.  If there is no life guard, it is better to choose another beach.

Remember these important tips:

  • Do not leave young children unsupervised at the beach or in the sea and do not leave young children to watch younger children.

  • Always look for and obey any of warning signs and life guards on the beach

  • Protect your child's skin from the sun by wearing sun block lotion

  • Manchineel Trees are found on many of our beaches. They are poisonous and can cause blisters. Do not stand under the manchineel tree if it is raining and do not touch the fruit from this tree.

  • Be aware of water sport activities going on in the sea and obey instructions regarding these activities.

  • Many beaches have changing facilities, if you use them, remember to keep them clean.

  • Remember to use garbage cans for your litter or collect your litter to dispose of it properly. 

  • Do not litter the beaches and do not throw plastics or any litter in the sea.

  • Enjoy your time at the beach!

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