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Abortion? Child Abuse?

This blog was sent in by someone who wants to remain anonymous. The writer gives us food for thought....why do we shame women about abortions, but we hide child abuse? Why do we hate based on colour and religion, but we accept people who abuse children ...we keep it secret.

I wish to share this anonymously

Someone gave me this story tell me what you think....

There are some women who never had children for some reason. She would be laughed at and ridiculed for not having children, whether she is married or not but no one ever stops to find out why. And one day she asked, “Why do you fathers and mothers, single and married, you family members and friends of family, teachers, spiritual leaders, community leaders, why do you abuse your children? Or why are you not be there for your child but still we look at the issue of abortion as a subject or hatred and sin.

But yet she said... And you never look at abuse as a sin, as wrong. Abuse is just as bad as an abortion, she thought. Abuse robs you of hope, it dulls your senses, it makes you want to do better but somehow you don't know how. Abuse kills you emotionally and so many people are abused and we look at abortion as the greatest sin.

There was a woman that she knew. She was raped by family, never a stranger, just family and she turned to God to deliver her and she was. She didn't abuse, but she was abused by boyfriends who beat her and men who treed to use her but she saw God help her along the way.

We are condemning women to hell for having an abortion but ignoring her pain from being raped or knowing she can't bear another more child because she is tired of being used as a breeding machine or the woman who is now a girl being sexually abused who is now pregnant.

Why are we ignoring the pain of women. As women ourselves, we are ignoring the pain of abuse. She said we can’t seem to look at abuse and the damage it is causing to our sons. We are not looking at the pain of our male children, we are ignoring men being beaten and raped, we are ignoring our sons. She cried, because hardly anyone was looking at the pain young boys are feeling. How scared they are that they don't know if mommy or daddy will show them love today. Our boys and men need love too and a shelter from abuse. The woman wondered why rape, abuse and neglect seem to be ignored ... Swept under the carpet...brushed aside... made the accusers seem like liars and frauds....why doesn't abuse be condemn .... She also wanted to know why are we hating on each other because of colour and religion.

Why can’t we love each other but abuse kept eating away at her consciousness ... So she there an answer?

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