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Medical Professionals       

Free medical care is available for children at any of the island's Polyclinics or the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.


However, most parents prefer to have a choice in who looks after the health of their children and themselves.   They can choose to have a paediatirician or other specialist to deal with the various conditions that have to be taken care of.


A paediatrician is a doctor who specialises in health care for children and they generally, focus on babies, children and adolescents from birth to about 18 years.


Bullen, Sean Dr.
Mayfield Medical Centre 4th Ave Belleville 
Tel 436-2543

Birchwood, Gillian Dr
Athrol Upper Collymore Rock St. Michael
Tel  435-9419

Campbell, Jennifer Dr.
Delaware Clinic, Jemmotts Lane, St. Michael
Tel 427-3541

Cherian, Jolly Dr
Mayfield Medical Clinic, 4th Ave Belleville 
Tel 427-2753

Gibson, Tanya Dr
Paynes Bay, St. James
Tel 432-7751

Jennings, Angela Dr.
Delaware Clinic, Jemmotts Lane, St. Michael
Tel 427-3540

Jhagroo, Ranita Dr.
Wildey Shopping Centre, Wildey, St. Michael
Tel 436-5606

Lashley, Michelle Dr
Delaware Clinic, Jemmotts Lane, St. Michael
Tel 427-3540

Medford, Gale Dr
Bayside Plaza, Bay Street
Tel 437-3751

Sajeev, M. A. Dr
Sunnyside, #8 5th Avenue Belleville
Tel 426-4900

Family Medicine

Alert, Colin Dr
Ladymeade Gdns, Lr. Collymore Rock

Tel 228-1313

Best, V Rene Dr. MBBS MSc
Medical Associates Family, Warrens Health Care Complex.  Tel 271-0770

Gibson, Michelle Dr
Paynes Bay Medical Ctr. St. James
Tel 432-7751

Manning, Kathyann S Dr
Manor Lodge Complex, Lodge Hill
Tel 421-9000

Medical Clinics & Polyclinics  (click)

ENT - Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists

Clarke, Jillian Dr. 
#23 9th Avenue Belleville Tel 429-5618

Maynard, Chris Dr. 
23 9th Ave Belleville, Cnr George St – Tel 429-5618

Forde, Roy Dr.
#8 5th 
Ave Belleville  Tel 427-2751

Gopwani, Haresh Dr
4th Ave Belleville,  Tel  436-9901


Bullen, Sean E M Dr. 
Mayfield Medical Ctr., 4th Ave Belleville

Tel 436-2543

Dr. Michele Callender – 35 Kingston Terrace, Welches  Tel  228-0808

Taylor jr, C G Dr
Rosewood Medical Centre
17A Pine Rd, Belleville   Tel 427-1230,

General Medicine

Brathwaite, Lambert Dr
Tudor Street, Bridgetown 

Tel 427-5837

Blades,Sonia Dr.
Blades Hill, St. Philip
Tel 423-5332

Auguste, Ann Dr 
# 3 Pleasant Hall Drive, Dayrells Rd

Tel 429-5964

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