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Sunshine Early Stimulation Centre

Sunshine Early Stimulation Centre

Perry Gap, Roebuck Street,
St Michael, Barbados

Telephone 246-622-2038

Or 246-622-2039


The Sunshine Early Stimulation Center was opened in February 2007 by the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust.


The Center looks after children up to five years living with developmental disorders and disabilities. Also parents can attend special one-hour programs with their newborn babies. Starting at the age of one year, infants can be looked after for full-day periods.


After having successfully completed the Sunshine Early Stimulation Center program, the children can attend the John Payne School for Exceptional Children where they get appropriate education in line with their abilities. Both institutions are open to more than 50 children with disabilities and developmental disorders such as Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and complex speech disorders.


In specially developed training rooms such as the discovery maze, the multisensory room or the play park, children learn to enhance their perception and communication with the outside world.


Objective: Appropriate help to infants and children with emotional, social, intellectual or mental deficiencies. Providing access to individualized basic education up to eleven years of age. Helping parents and family members to develop an affectionate and stimulating behavior vis-à-vis these children.

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