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Wee Pals Montessori Pre-School and Special Services Inc.

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Wee Pals Montessori Pre-School and Special Services Inc.

“The Tudors”, Bartletts Ridge, Christ Church. 

Tel: 232-2990



Our aim as a Montessori school is that each child should have the opportunity to learn at his/her true potential and be exposed to the joy of learning through discovery and play.  Children are happiest when they are able to discover the world around them and they can do this by the many enriching materials that are found in the Montessori classroom.  


The Montessori classroom is based on the philosophy of respect for each other, the environment and the materials which are being used.  This respect is introduced first and foremost in how the aunties interact with each other therefore being “models” for the children.  We also introduce specific “ground rules” for our classroom i.e. how we walk, talk, move, carry the chairs and carry the materials, how we treat each other and using good manners are some of these ground rules which our philosophy of respect is based on.

A Montessori school is one where children are free to move about their environment and explore activities geared towards developing certain skills such as fine and gross motor control, co-ordination, independence, self-esteem, patience and care of the environment.  Children are able to develop at their own pace and use activities which make learning fun.  Everything in the environment is placed on low shelves and each activity has its own special place on the shelf.  The tables, chairs and all furniture are at the children’s level.  Hence, it is a “children’s place”.  Montessori is divided into areas – Practical Life, Sensorial, Language skills, Early math and counting, Cultural, Creative Movement and 


Early intervention center

Observation is a major part of the teacher’s role in the classroom, and as such, we are able to pick up on many areas of child development that might be delayed.  Early intervention is key when it comes to any delay or challenge.  Over the years we have helped children with many physical, emotional and social challenges.  We are very open to inviting specialists, therapists and aides where necessary into the school to work along with us, the parents, as well as the children.  I also work very closely with speech and language, ABA and occupational therapists who assist us in individual plans for the children.  I am a great believer in early detection and intervention so that each child may flourish completely at his/her own potential.  I also believe that integration is very important and we have been blessed to welcome children into our environment who have differing abilities.


School fees are paid per term.  Fees for this school year are as follows:

7:30 -12:30 - $2200​please note that fees can be paid in two 

7:30 – 2:00 - $2450​installments.

7:30-4:30  -  $2600



There is a stationery fee of $500 which is to hold your child’s spot for his/her entire time at Wee Pals.  This fee is non-refundable and should be paid upon registration.  


Wee Pals opens at 7:30.  Children may be dropped off at this time.  Please note that school starts for the children as soon as they enter the classroom i.e. Montessori work, social skills and individual lessons are done.  Please try not to get to school any later than 8:00.  Collection time may begin from 11:40 and ends at 12:30.  If you are registered for extended hours you may collect your child any time up to 2:00 for early extended hours pick up, or 4:30 if you are registered for the enrichment program.  



7:30 – 9:30   Montessori presentations, social skills are developed, individual lessons are given, outside guided activities in small

9:30-10:00    playground time 

10:00-10:30  lunch time 

10:30-11:00  clean up and washroom 

11:00-11:30   big circle time 

11:30-12:00  craft time

12:00-12:30  inside fun activities, home time starts.  (12:30 latest pick up)

12:30-1:00    nap time for after care kids

1:00130        Lunch

1:30 - 2:00    afternoon activity and pick up of children 

2:00- latest   collection from Wee Pals if you are not registered for the enrichment program.

2:00-3:15      enrichment program begins

3:15-3:30      simple afternoon snack prepared by the children – table set and fruit/biscuits served.

3:30-4:00      shelf activities

4:00-4:30      playground time

4:00-4:30      parents can come to collect their children

4:30              Wee Pals closes


Wee Pals Extended hours program

Our afternoon school offers the child an opportunity to be introduced to lots of fun and interactive activities in a safe, small and quiet environment.  This facility will allow parents to be more flexible with their pick ups.  Rather than a day care, day nursery or baby sitting service, our program will offer activities that will continue to help develop holistic learning.  

Our activities will include:


​Musical appreciation


​Sign language




​Simple food prep


​Ball games and races



For further information please call me, Lisa McFarlane at 232-2990 or e-mail me at

Wee Pals location.png
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Montessori classroom with space to explore.

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Wee Pals 8.jpg
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Our playground area has lots of space to run, climb, swing and play

Our Library Area

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Wee Pals 11.jpg

This is our library.  The books in the library are few, beautiful and usually depict real situations i.e. on the farm, flowers and trees or out of space.  There are a few “fantasy” books.  The books are changed at the end of each week.  We encourage care of books and how to use a library properly.

Math, Literacy and Writing Areas

In our math and literacy areas, children are introduced to the math and literacy concepts using practical, simple materials created by Dr. Montessori.  We also have a writing corner in this room where the children can work with insets for tracing, introduction to cutting and gluing and creating their own pictures.

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Math: Numerals are introduced using Sand Paper number cards where the child is able to feel the shape, say the name of the numeral and see the numeral in print.  Quantities are introduced using many different hands-on materials where the children are able to count spindles, number rods, beads and counters.


Literacy: Letters are introduced using sand paper letters much like the introduction of numbers. Only the sounds of the letters are taught initially.  Once a string of letters has been introduced, the child is introduced to the moveable alphabet letters.  Letters are matched with objects beginning with the particular sound.  Eventually we use the “pink box” series where children are able to build simple 3 letter words.  Rhyme, sequencing and thinking skills such as opposites and things that go together are also introduced and practiced each week.

Exercises of Practical Life

In the practical life area, children are able to use real, child sized, attractive materials that help to develop care of self and care of the environment.  Watering plants, flower arranging, tying laces and pouring are but a few of the works done by the child in this area.

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Cultural Exercises

The cultural area in the environment introduces the children to the world around them.  In biology they are introduced to animals – terminology cards and puzzles give the names of the parts of animals.  In geography they learn about the world, the continents and our island.  In science they are introduced to magnifying objects and magnets.  Other cultural information is introduced each term with the themes being studied.

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Sensorial Area

Dr. Maria Montessori studied that children learn best when using all of their senses.  She therefore created simple materials to help the children develop and refine each sense.  Colours, shapes, texture, sound and smell are all introduced in this area.

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Manipulatives, Block play and real-world play

Our block play area is a very important one in our Montessori classroom.  Introducing cause and effect, promoting thinking skills and problem solving, refining fine motor control and just having a great time creating amazing masterpieces are some of the benefits of this area.  Children use their imagination when using various types of blocks and manipulatives.  Likewise, real world play is a big part of our school.  We rotate this area every few weeks to include the kitchen, grocery store, doctor’s office, car garage, farm and bunny house.  Creative play is a great way to build social skills and bring some of the real-life situations into preschool.

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Arts and Crafts And Circle Time


Every day, the children come together for our interactive circle time.  We introduce them to the register, the calendar and the weather chart.  During circle time, we read stories, sing songs and nursery rhymes, play games and many, many more interesting, educational and super fun activities.


We also have many times during the day where the children can express themselves through art and craft and creative play. 

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