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Playing sports if fun, and almost every sport offers several benefits to children. While some sports are more physical than others, children can gain significantly from their involvement in any sport.

There are several benefits to playing sport - click here 


Sports and Academics 


Many Barbadian athletes who balanced their sport with their academics have gone on to gain athletic scholarships to study at international universities and some have stayed in the sport to become professional coaches.

In the last few Common Entrance Exams, many of the top achievers indicated that they were involved in at least one sport and in 2015 and 2016 the top girl was on a national sports team.


That is not surprising as motor skills, strategic thinking, and even math skills are learned by playing sports. Students develop strategic thinking as they must quickly think about plays and the best way to get around a player or score a goal.   Math skills are used as they calculate scores and statistics.


We know that there is a trend in Barbados to stop children from participating in activities when they are approaching exam time and it was also revealed that many schools also cut down on physical activity around exam time.


These practices are unfortunate as they deny many children the only physical activity that they might get and physical activity at exam time can help children to relieve stress and avoid depression.  The practice also denies children the opportunity to develop the skill of balancing and prioritising.  


Research aslo found that children who play sports, especially girls, are more likely to have a positive body image and high self esteem.


A recent report indicated that many children in Barbados are obese and over weight and many more do not participate in any physical activities.  This is actually the beginning of serious health problems but it can be preveneted  if children are allowed to participate in at least one physical activity.


Clubs Galore to Play a Sport


Sports persons around the island have opened up several clubs in a number of sports where children and adults or any age can play and get the coaching that they require.


Advantage Tennis Services is one such club with tennis courts in an number of locations around the island.

In football, the
Barbados Soccer Academy stands out as a leading football club for the youth with several of them going off on scholarships from time to time.


Check our listing for clubs and coaches where you can have your child enrolled in a sport.

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