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Slower Learners

All Children Can Learn If Given The Chance

A slow learner initially wants to learn, but just has a problem with the process.  A reluctant learner is not motivated and can also be passive aggressive creating even more of a problem for teachers and parents through a ploy that involves non-cooperation. There is seldom anything wrong with the learning ability of reluctant learners.

Most slow learners have no medical problem or need for special education, but they just do not do well in the average classroom. 

It should be pointed out that just because a child is not doing well in one class does not make that student a slow learner. 

Slow learners are frequently immature in their relations with others and do poorly in school in all areas.  He or she cannot do complex problems, work very slowly and usually lose track of time.  They cannot transfer what they have learned from one task to another well.  They do not easily master skills that are academic in nature such as the times tables or spelling rules. 

If a child is not keeping up with the curriculum at school, or is displaying behavioural problems, he/she may be facing a learning difficulty. Instead of worrying about the label of "learning difficulty", it's important for parents to understand that each child learns in a different way and difficulties usually mean the child learns in a way that is not the same as an "average" student.

Every child can learn easily and well as long the teaching is right for their aptitudes and abilities, so it's important to assess any learning difficulties and tailor teaching programs to the individual to ensure they don't fall further behind.

Perhaps the most frustrating trait is their inability to have long-term goals.  They live in the present and so have significant problems with time management probably due to a short attention span and poor concentration skills capabilities.


There can be no doubt that children who progress at a slower than average pace usually create a challenge in most classrooms but they have the right to an education just like anyone else.

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