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The Responsibilities of Parents

Parental authority refers to parents' rights and responsibilities toward their children from the minute they are born until they turn 18 and during this time, parents can make decisions that affect their children's well-being.


We would all agree that there is no one way to being an effective parent and that it certainly is not easy to raise children.  We also know that when these cute little bundles are born they do not come with a manual or an instruction leaflet and the task from that moment is all up to the parent.


Parents have a tremendous responsibility to their children and the failure to accept parental responsibility can result in negative consequences for the child.


Parents are expected to feed, shelter, clothe and educate children and that means that they are responsible for making their children happy and comfortable and seeing them grow into responsible and well adjusted adults.

One of the first things that a parent is expected to provide for the child is a loving and safe family environment.   That means a home where children can laugh and play and where they can feel the safety, comfort and love of family.   


Parents are also responsible for the adequate health care of children that includes scheduled doctor visits, the required  immunisation, dentist visits, eye check ups, and if necessary, speech and hearing checks.  Parents should be watching and listening to children to pick up hints of any medical or health problems and attend to them immediately.


Parents are also responsible for making sure that children get adequate sleep for their ages and that each child eats healthy, balanced meals and gets adequate physical activity every day.


When it comes to education, the parent has a huge responsibility as they have to ensure that their children are registered in a school between the ages of five and sixteen as required by the law.  That however is not all, parents should  monitor the progress of children at school to ensure that they are receiving a well rounded education that would allow them to develop into well adjusted and responsible citizens.  


They are also expected to develop the talents of each child and allow children to explore and be creative and allow each child to build self esteem and to be able to be socially comfortable.


Parents are burdened with the task to discipline their children and teaching them basic good manners and moral responsibilities.


The failure of parents to take full responsibility for their children has a tremendous negative impact on the development of the child.  It is further complicated when some parents turn to material items to compensate for not taking on their responsibilities.


Proving children with brand name items, expensive designer clothing and shoes and bailing them out of trouble every time he or she misbehaves is not responsible parenting behaviour.

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