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School Address


Christ Church

Arthur Smith Primary School

Tel 427-1072

Christ Church Girls' School

Water Street

Tel 428-8030

Gollop Blackman Primary

St. David's

Tel 437-1874

Milton Lynch Primary School

Water Street

Tel 428-8032

St. Bartholomew Primary

St. Bartholomew

Tel 428-8079

St. Christopher Primary

St. Christopher

Tel 428-7273

St. Patrick's Primary School

Bright Hill

Tel 420-1149

St. Andrew

Chalky Mount Primary School

Chalky Mount

Tel 422-9271

St. Saviour School

Bruce Vale

Tel 422-9031

St. George

Cuthbert Moore Primary School

St. Helen's

Tel 437-9778

Ellerton Primary School


Tel 429-0228

South District Primary School

South District

Tel 437-4804

St. George Primary School


Tel 429-4280

St. Judes's Primary School

St Judes

Tel 433-1545

St. Luke's/Brighton Primary School


Tel 427-2537

Workman's Primary School


Tel 429-0071

Good Shepherd Primary School

Fitts Village

Tel 432-8503

St. Alban's Infant School

Lower Carlton

Tel 422-2217

St. Albans Junior School

Lower Carlton

Tel 422-2216

St. James Primary


Tel 432-1341

St. Silas Primary

Orange Hill

Tel 432-9408

West Terrace Primary School

West Terrace

Tel 438-3000

St. John

Mount Tabor Primary School

Mount Tabor

Tel 433-1747

Society Primary School


Tel 423-3888

St. John Primary School

Glebe Land

Tel 433-1665

St. Margaret's Primary School


Tel 433-1197

St. Joseph

St. Bernard's Primary School


Tel 433-8586

St. Elizabeth Primary School

St. Elizabeth

Tel 433-9500

St. Joseph Primary School

Horse Hill

Tel 433-4768

St. Lucy

Half Moon Fort Primary School

Half Moon Fort

Tel 439-8274

Ignatius Byer Primary School


Tel 439-8875

Selah Primary School


Tel 439-8204

St. Lucy Primary School


Tel 439-8298

St. Michael

Bay Primary School

Bay land

Tel 436-6073

Belmont Primary School

The Belle

Tel 429-9230

Deacos Primary School


Tel 425-9213

Eagle Hall Primary School

Eagle Hall

Tel 426-0532

Eden Lodge Primary School

Eden Lodge

Tel 425-1192

Charles F Broome

Goverment Hill

Tel 429-3361

George Lamming Primary School

Flint Hall

Tel 430-2927

Grantley Prescod Primary


Tel 426-0772

Grazettes Primary


Tel 425-1177

Hindsbury Primary

Hindsbury Road

Tel 426-7605

lawrence T Gay Memorial School

Spooners Hill

Tel 425-1083

Luther Thorne Memorial


Tel 436-0811

St. Ambrose Primary School

Cypress Street

Tel 436-6060

St. Giles Primary

The ivy

Tel 427-0173

St. Mary's Primary School

Mason Hall Street

Tel 426-5398

St. Matthew's Primary


Tel 429-3812

St. Paul's Primary School

Brittons Cross Road

Tel 426-2583

St. Stephen's Primary School

Black Rock

Tel 425-1178

Wesley Hall Primary Infants School

King's Street, Bridgetown

Tel 429-3813

King's Street

Tel 426-5681

Westbury Primary School

Westbury Road, Bridgetown

Tel 429-3804

Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary School


Tel 429-4511

St. Peter

All Saint's Primary

Pleasant Hall

Tel 422-6506

Boscobell Primary School


Tel 439-8360

Gordon Greenidge Primary


Tel 422-2218


Roland Edwards Primary

Tel 422-2873

Bayley's Primary


Tel 423-6808

Hilda Skeene


Tel 423-6808

St. Catherine's Primary

Clarke's Hill

Tel 423-6115

Reynolds Weekes Primary

Four Roads

Tel 416-4648

St. Martin's Mangrove

St. Martins

Tel 416-5323

St. Phillips Primary

Church Village

Tel 423-6582

St. Mark's Primary

Blades Hill

Tel 423-7340

St. Thomas

Hillaby/turner's Hall Primary


Tel 438-7900

Holy Innocent Primary School

Welchman Hll

Tel 438-6625

Sharon Primary


Tel 425-0167

Welches Primary

Redman's Village

Tel 421-6106

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