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Powering Up Your Parenting This Year

Here are some new year resolutions that parents can think about to improve their pareting skills.

Listen to your kids.  Listening to your children can teach you a lot because children are smarter than most grown-ups think and they generally know what they need and they can guide you.

When you listen to your child and he realises that you are listening to him, it helps him open up and as the communication with your child improves, all things improve.

So, slow down, wait, face your child, get on his level, and listen to what he has to say. Don’t talk over him, don’t finish his thoughts, and don’t hurry him to get on with it. The time you invest listening will pay immeasurable dividends.


Count to 10. Before you respond to your child, think.  Sometimes we need to take a deep breath and count to ten.  

Try not to make threats and do not appear judgemental and do not make him feel uncomfortable.  Remember, you want him to communicate with you, so take time to respond and think wisely about what you want to say.


Do not use unrealistic threats It is very easy to threaten your child that if he does not do something that you would take away a toy or ban him from something he likes, but children know when a threat is real and therefore unrealistic threats can be ineffective.

Try helping your child to understand that there is a consequence for every action and why he should or should not do something and try to be as real as possible with him.


Stay the course. Children will go to the end of the earth to get what they want and they whine and beg and at times, they are the most angelic little things, just to get what they want.

If 'No' is your answer, stick to your 'No'. If you are not sure of your answer, steer clear of 'No' and tell them that you need time to think about it. Children who are raised with consistent, non-negotiable boundaries and limits are happier children. 

Take care of yourself. A parent who takes care of him/herself will be a better parent. If you are always tired and frustrated, you are no good to anyone, not even yourself.

Take time out and spend some money on yourself.  You might want to get a massage, lunch with friends or even buy a new outfit and you should do so without feeling guilty.

Avoid getting involved in more than you can handle.   Remember, you are not a super woman or man and you need to have time for your family, so choose wisely and do not over load yourself.

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