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New Year Resolutions

We all do it!  We make new year resolutions every year and we usually never keep them.

We look back at the things that we have done or not done and we decide that it would not happen again or that we would do more of it, but do we?

Starting with a clean slate however, usually make us feel good and there is nothing wrong with mentally acknowledging things that we should do or not do, so why not have some resolutions to keep us thinking.

What could be more important than looking at the way we parent, the blunders we may have made or the great decisions that resulted in success? 


I have looked at some of the things I see parents doing or not doing that you can consider as new year resolutions.


1. Get Rid of Ineffective Rules
Rules are usually put in place to keep children safe and to guide them and there need to be rules, but children today are bombarded with rules that are ineffective and senseless.  Check our section on rules where you will see that a few sensible rules are better than a list of never ending rules.

2. Don't Say "Don't"
Look at how often you use the word ‘don’t”.  Children probably get use to hearing “don’t”, they even tell you that, “Mummy is going to say don’t”.  Why not get the effect your want by just changing the words you use.  Instead of saying, “Don’t speak to me like that”, try “Is that the way you should be speaking to mummy?”  Instead of saying, “Don’t do that to your sister”, try, “Be kinder to your sister, she loves you”.  You are changing words and making the situation more positive.

3. Make Time For Your Family When You Get Home
Many of us have demanding jobs that ask us to constantly check emails or answer calls but young children do not understand that.  Make a cut off time for checking those emails and calls and be present for your family at least until the children are in bed. 


4. Get Your family Moving
Get your family into a healthy lifestyle by allowing exercise to be part of the day.  Walk, jog, skip, dance, do yoga, or anything to get moving.  I suggest getting your child involved in a sporting activity that they can use as development and exercise.  Whatever you choose to do, get physically active in the new year.


5. Encourage Learning
Create an atmosphere of ‘learning’ at home.  Make reading fun and an everyday event in your home, so buy more books and let your children see you reading.  Listen to news and encourage your children to listen as well.  Show interest in what is happening locally and internationally.  Explain cultures to them, make them aware of languages, religions and different practices in countries around the world. 

6. Practice Healthy Eating
I would love that every parent prepare nutritious meals and lunch boxes for their children with a healthy snack and stop the practice of buying junk from vendors at the schools. 


7. Make Health a priority
Always get your children eyes, teeth and other medical check-ups done as needed.  If your child seems to be having a health related problem, work on it immediately to avoid it developing into something that can affect their learning. 


8. Listen more to your Children

If your child is trying to talk to you about anything, allow them to talk and listen carefully.  If you do not listen and talk to your child, they would find someone else to talk to who might listen and it might not be the person you want them trusting.


9.Invest More In Your Child

Parents who invest wisely in their children usually see far better results than those who do not.  If your child likes a sport, dance, singing or any activity, invest time and money to help them develop their talent in the particular activity.  You may never know where it can take them.

10. Believe In Yourself
As parents, we are all going to do things differently and we will all make mistakes and what works for you might not work for another parent.   Stop worrying about what people are saying about you and focus on your children.  Do not be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help.

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