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Money Advice For Children


Most parents understand the importance of teaching kids about money management, savings and

investment money from an early age.


This post will examine financial tips from some of today’s millionaires that may help parents teach their children good financial habits – so that they too might become rich.

Teach your kids they can be rich

People are generally of the idea that you can only achieve success if you are born into the right family, attend the best schools, possess outstanding talents etc. Admittedly, these factors may give you an edge, however they are not in themselves criteria to attain wealth.


Help your kids understand that many millionaires did not come from wealthy families and that there are countless opportunities to be successful if they work hard and make smart decisions.


Teach your kids to solve problems

The best way to raise entrepreneurial kids is to teach them to solve problems. The most successful people understand that money flows from ideas and problem solving. Get used to identifying a problem and people will gladly turn their money over to you for the solution.


Wealth and success take work

Teach your kids that the road to success is a long and arduous one. Millionaires all over the globe agree that becoming financially independent involves a lot of sacrifice. One must be willing to sacrifice your time and engage your resources to build something great.


Teach your kids that they’re not entitled

It is the ultimate responsibility of your kids to create their own future. Help them to get rid of the idea that they are entitled to certain things based on the delusion that they are born with certain rights. Teach your kids self-reliance which is the very opposite of the entitlement mentality.


Who you hang out with matters

Teach your kids that cultivating relationships with successful people will go a long way. The heightened level of awareness around everything related to wealth will dramatically expand your kid’s thinking.


Expect to make it

Help your kids set high expectations at a really young age. Teach them not to be afraid to think big. Although getting rich takes time, it doesn’t have to take a lifetime. Setting high expectations will hasten the process and keep them focused.


Teach kids to love work

Choosing a career path is hugely important because it affects every aspect of your kid’s life. Investing energy and time in a profession that you don’t find challenging has no significant meaning beyond money. The best formula for financial success, emotional fulfillment, and happiness is to do something that you love.



Rich people are serial investors, not spenders. Teach your kids the value of investment from an early age. To be successful as an investor, help them invest in something that interests them.


Spend smart

Teach kids to be disciplined with money. Spending money excessively can ruin their chances of getting rich in future.


Money is not scarce

Repudiate the idea that money is a scarce resource, it is not. The problem most people have is that they don’t offer solutions others want to buy. The only thing you need to master is selling solutions that people will want to buy.

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