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Learning To Drive

Driving calls for respoonsibile behaviour, it is a privilege and not a right and every teenager that tries to get a driver's licence should be made to understand the ernormous responsibility that comes with driving a vehicle.

Teenagers who show irresponsible behaviour should not be allowed to get a driver's licence until some level of maturity and responsibility is seen.  This however does not seem to happen as many parents get anxious for their teen to start to drive or they give in to the begging and pleading to get a driver's licence.

Driving is a big risk, it means that the teenager is going to have the responsibility of every road user that is on the road while he or she is driving and that is an enormous and scary undertaking for any young immature teenager.

So parents, my first advice to you, is to encourage and ask your teen to show responsible behaviour and respect for others if he or she wants to get that licence while in their teens and at home with you.

Parents also have an important role in helping teens practice their driving skills and develop confidence behind the wheel.  Like everything else, children learn from parents and how you behave and drive is what they will copy, so you need to set that example for your teen to follow.


The best thing to do for your child when you decide to let him/her learn to drive is to engage the skills of a professional driving instructor with years of experience.


The instructor should sit with you and work out a plan for your child and after every session, he/she should discuss the teen's progress. Parents can also help by allowing the teen to gain extra driviing experience when he or she can drive with you, but discuss this with the professional who can tell you when the teen might be ready to drive with you.


The teen will be required to go through the required test as set by the government before he gets a licence.

When your teen gets a driver's license, it's important to set some rules of the road beyond the relevant driving laws. By clearly defining your expectations before you hand over the car keys, you'll reduce the risk of frustrating conflicts, costly crashes, and other problems.


Work out an agreement with your teen that should disallow driving with a car full of teenagers and disallow the use of cell phones for any reason while driving.  Teach your teen to pull off the road if he wants to make or accept a call or leave the call until he stops.

Ban your teen from driving if he or she is drinking alcohol or under the influence of any drugs.  It is very important that you impact the dangers of driving under the influence with your teen.  

Avoid letting your teen drive late at night until he gets enough experience on the road by himself.  


More Responsibilities

Teach your teen basic car maintenance that will keep the car safe and prevent breakdowns, such as:

  • checking the fuel level

  • maintaining proper tire pressure and visually inspecting tires each time the vehicle is driven

  • checking fluids (oil, brake, power steering, windshield washer)

  • oil change every as recommended in the owner's manual

  • keeping mirrors and windows clean (inside and out)


Review tasks like reading a tire gauge and checking oil - first demonstrating, then supervising as your teen does it. Keep a notebook in the glove compartment to keep track of when oils, fluids, and air pressure are checked.

Learning to drive in Barbados?  You need to get a copy of the Barbados Highway Code.


The book is available from the Licensing Authority at a cost of BD$10.00.


The Highway code details the rules for the roads iin Barbados and should be read before going for your regulation test.

Steps To Getting A Driver's Licence in Barbados


1.  You must have reached your 16th birthday


2.  You must complete a regualtion test which is
     given after paying a BD$30 fee.  The test is 
     done at the Licensing Authority office in the
     Pine on weekdays.

3.   After successfully completing the test, you can
      apply for a driver's permit by paying the
      required fees of BD$

4.  You are then given permission to learn to drive 
     with specific instructions for a period of time.
     At the date given to you, you will appear at the
     Licensing Authority with your instructor to be
     taken on your driver's tes


5.  If you satisfy the requirements of the instructor
     you will then pay the appropriate fees to obtain 
     your driver's license.

6.  Two passport size photos as well and your
     Barbados identification will be required.


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