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Drama/Theatre Arts

Drama Schools/Clubs

Many schools and churhes offer drama clases

It is normal for every parent to want his/her child to do well academically, but it should also be important that they be able to communicate well and be confident, and quick thinkers.


Within our structured academic school system, children spend the majority of time focused on writing and reading skills, and little time on oratory ones.


If you look objectively at your own life for a single day, you will notice that most of your interactions with other people, require you to know how to speak and listen well.  Good oral communicators find it easier to make friends and will find it easier in the long term to find and hold good jobs.


Getting your child involved in drama offers the opportunity to develop good oral communication and it allows them to develop good listening skills as well as how and when they should project their voices and to pronounce words clearly.  


Drama also provides the opportunity for improving imagination and while children develop their imagination through drama it also  helps to improve their writing skills at school.

Acting a character also brings many more benefits as it puts the child in a number of different scenarios which they can also learn to handle through drama.

Whatever skills your child takes away from drama you can be sure that it will last them well into their adult lives.


Every year, the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) allows for the best young performers to be awarded for their talent. In many instances, young people receive scholarships through NIFCA which can be a launching pad for a career in the arts.


Theatre arts is now taught in some schools and is a subject on the Caribbean Examination Council list of subjects that are examined by that body.  


Barbados Community College has an exciting programme in theatre arts and the University of the West Indies also boost a centre for theatre arts.

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