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Dance For Children

Children love to dance and they usually enjoy performing and watching dance moves, but there is a whole lot more to dance than steps and music.


Dance is an art form and a low impact aerobic activity that combines physical activity, social interaction and mental stimulation.  It also enhances the development of children and promotes healthy bodies.


Children who participate in dance classes enhances their ability to work as a team and they learn to think quickly and creatively.  They also build confidence and self esteem and a new sense of creativity, motivation, and energy that can easily be transferred to their the classroom.


Dance also provides children with an outlet in which they can freely express their feelings through body movements.  This can also teach them to be aware of their own body language, a skill that is usually required in life.


Dancing is also a form of socialising for children and those who go on to perform gain from meeting other children in positive fun filled environments.


There are numerous professions in dance from dancing, teaching, choreography and performing.


The skills developed in dance are valuable transferable skills that can be applied to any career path and they usually stay with the person for life.


There are a variety of dance forms including ballet, jazz, tap, modern, folk and African Dance which are all offered around the island.   Ballroom dance, line dancing are also becoming very popular.

There are many dance clubs and schools across the island offering a variety of dances and we have listed the best of them where you and your child can enjoy a session that would be truly beneficial.

Check our listing on the right and we invite you to  tell us about your child's dance experience. 

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