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Child Abuse Public Awareness Campaign – ‘Stop Hiding Child Abuse’

Child Abuse Public Awareness Campaign – ‘Stop Hiding Child Abuse’


The issue of child abuse including physical, emotional, sexual abuse, child neglect and abandonment thrive in darkness and in silence. 


Growing up with abuse, affects a child’s development and we have seen horrifying results of child abuse in our country.  Yet, children, at every social level, still face various forms of abuse and this is taking place across the island, in homes, schools, institutions and in communities.   


The message to stop hiding child abuse cannot therefore remain silent.  It must be brought into the light.


Within the last two years, we heard of the deaths of at least three children caused by child abuse and of children being taken away from their home of horror as a result of abuse. We also read about the child sexual abuse of several young girls, some still in primary school and under the age of 16.


Somehow, we are missing out on opportunities to stop child abuse and it continues to destroy young lives as it remains quiet.


Barbados Children Directory is launching an island wide campaign based on the belief that every child deserves to grow and develop in an environment that protects them from any form of abuse. 


By raising the volume of the conversation on child abuse, we can improve our society’s response to child abuse, get help for abused children and bring our island closer to life without child abuse.


Our campaign intends to educate and unite us, with simple messages that together, we can end child abuse when we refuse to hide it.


Please join us in the fight for every childhood.

Child Abuse Public Awareness Campaign – ‘Stop Hiding Child Abuse’


The Campaign seeks to"

  • place posters in locations across the island - offices,  supermarkets, clinics, transport systems, etc.

    The posters will carry a simple message 'Stop hiding child abuse' and will be available in 11" x 17" .


  • place signs in out door locations island wide (September)


  • conduct surveys/polls on child abuse in Barbados (Information from the surveys would be used for this purpose).


  • produce on line videos to speak about child abuse cases.


  • use all media to heighten awareness and to call on the public to join in the campaign. 


  • encourage counselling for victims of child abuse. 


  • call for a regiser of child sex offenders and a sex abuse prevention policy in all schools


  • call for the abolition of corporal punishment.


  • use social media through blogs and this site and to keep the conversation going on child abuse.


  • focus on child sexual abuse on International Day of the Girl Child on 11 October, 2017.


  • The campaign ends on 20th November, International Day of The Child with a special on line presentation of "Listen", a video by children.

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