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Breaking The Cycle of Dysfunction In Families

This comparison is good because you can ask yourself what they believe in that makes them more stable or calm.You should also pay attention to the talk in the media about ‘healthy lifestyles’ and seek the meaning to it and maybe try it to see how it can assist you.  

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When people become aware of different behaviours and the outcome of such behaviours, they can then take ownership of and examine their own actions, beliefs and attitudes. 


It is at this time that they can make the decision to adjust their behaviour or attitude and take responsibility to make a change.  They can get professional help from psychologists or counselors and learn how to evaluate their own behaviour and relationships and what changes they need to make and how to make such changes.


This is the beginning of their awareness and the start to changing behaviour which is never easy but the effort to start and constant practicing will result in the change you are looking for.  Change however, will include ups and downs and trial and error, but persistence will get you there.


Be patient with yourself and trust in your ability to make the change to break the  dysfunction in your family.   Develop the habit of showing love to members of your family and practice forgiveness to any family member that might have caused your pain.

Change In Parenting Styles

To break the cycle of dysfunction in families there must be a positive approach to parenting based on the basic principles to 

Nuture children by responding to the child's needs for love, warmth and security and to provide structure and guidance 

in the child's life.

The focus should be on a non-violent upbringing that excludes all forms of corporal and demeaning punishment and parents must do their best to:

• be warm and supportive

• spend quality time with them

• try to understand their life experiences and behaviour

• explain the rules they are expected to follow

• praise good behaviour

• react to misbehaviour with explanation and, non-violent punishment such as “time-out”, repairing damage, less pocket

  money and so forth, rather than with harsh punishment.

Parents must also look to provide high quality day care services for children.

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