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Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Autistic Spectrum Disorder which we refer to as Autism is a disorder that can affect the way a child behaves, thinks, communicates, and interacts with others.

If you think that your child may be suffering from Autism, get professional help from a peadiatrician and do so quickly as the earlier children are treated, the more likely they are to live better lives.

Children are affected in different ways as the condition vary from mild to severe.

About one-third of children who are diagnosed with autism develop fairly typically in the first year or two of life, and then begin to regress in the way that they speak and socialize.

Some of the telling signs of autism are below:

  • Children may prefer to play by themselves

  • Have difficulty making eye contact with other people

  • Have speech that's often limited to a few repeated or "echoed" words

  • They like to line up objects and sort them into colors

  • Engage in repetitive movements like rocking or hand flapping

  • Throwing tantrums that are prolonged and begin with little warning

  • Difficulty showing or receiving affection

  • Resistance to change in daily routines

  • Have no fear of danger

There is no cure for Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and researchers are unsure of its cause.  A variety of therapies and resources are available to
help affected children.


Here are some links to useful sites about Autism:


Austism Spectrum Therapies is a useful site with interesting articles-

Support For Children with Autism   

Autism Association of Barbados
Please contact Barbados Council For The Disabled
Tel 427-8136 or email:


Your child's health care provider (click)


Children Development Centre 

Ladymeade, Jemmotts Lane; Tel 426-2577


Sunshine Early Stimulation Centre  (click)
Perry Gap, Roebuck Street  Tel 622-2038

Occupational Therapist   (click)

Psychologist   (click)


Speech and Language Specialist

Keep reading about Autism and communicate with other parents  of Autistic children.  


Interesting Article - 


Local Entrepreneur-Scientist Develops Google Glass Program For Kids With Autism

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