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Always contact your doctor if you have an asthma attack.


The Asthma Association of Barbados       Telephone   438-5102

Learn As Much As Possible About Asthma
Asthma is a chronic disease that affects the airways that carry air in and out of the lungs.

Asthma attacks can be relatively mild, but they can be life-threatening too.  Asthma should be taken seriously and if daignosed with astma the patient should should take medication as instructed by his/her doctor.  If the child is on an inhaler, it should be travel with him/her at all times.

How Is Asthma Brought On
There are a number of ways in which asthma can begin and it is important that you identify what causes your asthma and try to avoid the causes.

Some people with asthma wheeze, cough and get a tight feeling in the chest when they exercise. Do not avoid Physical activity.  Please speak to your doctor about this

If you are asthmatic it is very important that you keep a full inhaler on you at all times so that it is ready to be used and it is wise to let your child’s teacher know that the child has an inhaler.


Here are some tips if your child suffers with asthma:

  • Don’t smoke or allow anyone to smoke in your home or car.

  • Do not burn leaves or rubbish in the yard

  • Protect your child from dust and dust mites

  • Cover your child’s mattress and pillows with allergy proof covers.         

  • Wash your child’s bed linens in hot water every week. 

  • Use vinyl, leather or plain wooden furniture instead of fabric up- holstered furniture.

  • Make sure your child stuffed toys can be cleaned in a washing machine every week.·        

  • Vacuum and dust often

  • Stay indoors when pollen and mold counts are highest

  • Take carpet out of the bedroom

  • Use a HEPA air filter in the bedroom.  This special kind of filter cleans the air. 

  • Clean your home thoroughly and often.  Use pesticide spray but make sure the patient is not at home when spraying occurs.

  • Keep pets away from your child and out of the bedrooms.  

  • Medication – Avoid using certain medications such as asprin and beta-blockers .

An Asthma Action Plan

Get your doctor to write an Asthma Action Plan with you.  It list the medicines your child takes and tells what to do if your child has an asthma attack.

Take Control of your asthma

·         Always walk with your medication
·         Know your triggers and star away
·         Visit your doctor regularly
·         Take your vitamins
·         Watch your diet
·         Exercise regularly
·         Use your peak flow meter at home


Communication and Asthma    
Communication is essential when dealing with children and asthma.  You must speak to the principal and teachers at your child’s school and let them know that your child suffers with asthma. 

If your child attends extra curricular activities, let all persons involved know about your child’s condition.   It is also wise to let friends and anyone with whom the child is likely to be around know about your child’s asthma.

Good communication can save time if your child has an asthma attack as everyone would know what to do and time is essential in saving lives during asthma attacks.

An estimated 18%-20% of children in ​Barbados are affected with asthma and more than 10,000 visits are made to the Asthma Bay at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital annually. ​

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