Empowering Parents - A Resource Guide

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How Do We Steer Children Away From Violence
There are a number of reasons why teenagers are turning to violence but contributing facts include a home environment where violence is normalised, neglect by parents or even abandonment.

These facts are usually associated with low education and feelings of rejection and anger.  So what do we do?

While each case of youth violence must be considered individually, finding the root cause of each particular case should be tackled.   
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Your Child's Mental Health Is More Important than Anything!

Coming out of the pandemic your child's mental health should take priority at this time.

The video on the left is lengthy, but it has some good points for parents and that with information found in our 'Child Mental Health' section can assist you in dealing with the mental health of your child.

It is always a good idea to discuss your child's mental health with your child's doctor at least once a year or when necessary.

Parents Should Listen To Children

There are many benefits that can come from listening to your child.

Listening to children can help the child develop trust, improves the bonding in your relationship, and builds a child's confidence. 

Many parents do not have the skill to 'listen', but with a conscious effort, they can develop the skill. 

Listen to the child in the video on the left and get from a child - why 

Failure And Success
Failure is a word that is scaring many parents today as they fear that their child would 'fail' exams after all the disruptions in the classroom.

Parents are encouraged to fear failure, but what we are not being told is that there is really no success without failure.

The video on the left is interesting and can help us to see failure for what it really is.  So why not take some time to listen and think about how you can get your child to understand failure and not fear it.