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Empowering Parents   -   A Resource Guide

Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment is not discipline and yet parents continue to use it with the 'fake' belief that it is a form of discipline, but it never was and it will never discipline a child.

Effective discipline is not done with anger and it does not try to instill fear in a child. 


Check the video on the left and see how corporal punishment damages children. 


Self-efficacy is the belief that you are capable of performing a task or managing a situation. It is about learning how to persevere when one does not succeed at first.


When a child equates success to internal factors, they develop a sense of mastery, which reinforces stronger self-efficacy belief.

The video on the left explains why self effacy is important.

Manipulation or Motivation?

The video on the left tells us how to shift manipulation to motivation when it comes to communicating with our children.

It attempts to show us how different personalities require different reactions from parents. The needs of each personality are not only relevant to the children in our lives, but to everyone we encounter.

Enjoy listening and think about your own actions.

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