Empowering Parents - A Resource Guide

What are The Rights Of The Child?

The video on the right should be inspiration to many of us including fathers.

I like what she says, "there is no perfect mum, but there are thousands of chances to be a good mum".

I identify with many of her ideas and I encourage you to listen to her presentation and then ask yourself why you have so much guilt as a mother.

Unleash the mother guilt!

Hear It From A Teen

Our young presenter is a 13 year-old who has some good advice for parents.


Her opinions on  parenting are all based on her own  experiences and she has great points for parents.  She speaks about about how parents can handle areas including technology and teen emotions which are usually areas that can create problems between the teen and the parent.

Some times, as she says, a little bit of listening, is needed when dealing with teens.

From A Stay At Home Dad

This video from a 'stay at home dad' is both fun and real and it has a lot of messages for all parents.

This dad can teach parents a lot even if you think that you know everything.  As he says parenting has a lot to do with learning and the teachers are the little ones.


Being present, he says, is a super power and that is a great way to look at parenting.

The Mindset of A Champion

What do we encourage in children, the growth mind set or the fixed mind set?

The Growth mind set is a skill that we can all carry with us throughout life and it can be applied to anything we attempt to do.

Note also the powerful use of the word, 'yet' in this very useful presentation from a young mind.