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A resource guide for parents packed with information you need!

There are a number of things that are affecting children today and parents are following and discussing them.

We understand that lots of parents are not taking children to be vaccinated and that might not be a wise decision.  Click here to read about vaccinations.

Nursery & Preschools
This is a very important stage of a child's life and for many reasons, and so it is important that a child attends Preschool or Nursery.


However when choosing a preschool or a nursery, you should look for one that offers the correct environment for children.  Check our listing for Preschools and nurseries and information about choosing them.

Summer Camps

Parents are always looking for activities for children during the summer vacation and summer camps fill that need.

However, parents should take note of the type of summer camp that you allow your child to attend. 


Look at the structure of the camp and the camp assistants.  Click here for our 'Summer Camp Guide' of desirable summer camps.

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