Empowering Parents - A Resource Guide

Preventing Child Abuse
Many hate to hear the words 'child abuse' and many like to give the impression that they do not support the abuse of children.

Yet, our society allows child abusers to find safety nets in the very persons that should be working to prevent child abuse.

We all have the power to prevent child abuse, but are we using what we have?  Are we protecting the abusers? Get informed about child abuse.       continue reading

Child abuse.png

Responsible Parenting - Create Memories Not Expectations.

We all are familiar with expectations.

Expectations are laid on us once to succeed in life and without noticing, we transfer these  expectations on our children, but do high expectations help our children to succeed in life?  
Compare expectations with a childhood filled with unconditional love and memories filled with parent kindness.  I encourage you to listen to the video on the left.

The Value Of A Father In The House hold

We often hear the term, 'absent fathers', sometimes too often, but does this really impact a child?

The presenter in this video on the right, challenges the audience to consider the value of the father in the household and provide the tools needed to begin healing the absent father wound.

It is an interesting speech and one that we need to hear and especially those who are still hurting from the absent father.  Take some time to listen and think about how we can help the child with the absent father.


The Rituals Of Connection
The increase in children’s challenging behaviours during the pandemic have many parents reaching out for advice.


These behaviours are creating frustration for parents who are often juggling work, home life, and in many cases, online learning. They scratch their heads as to why these new behaviours happen and wonder what they can do to avoid or resolve the challenges.                       continue reading......