Empowering Parents - A Resource Guide

Do Schools Kill Creativity
Sir Robinson in the video on the right, explains the very important question that we should be asking today, 'Do Schools Kill Creativity?'

Besides going to school every day, too many children  spend several extra hours after school and on weekends in lessons.  Few are encouraged to be creative, to explore their talents and to balance academics with anything else.  Hear what Sir Ken has to say.

Teen Depression

While the video on the left refers to the USA, the same information can be used for societies all over the world and here in Barbados.


There is a real need to advocate for the awareness of depression and mental health issues in children here in Barbados.

There is a need for adequate social care services to deal with children mental health issues 

Please take some time and listen to the video.

The Value Of A Father In The House hold

We often hear the term, 'absent fathers', sometimes too often, but does this really impact a child?

The presenter in this video on the right, challenges the audience to consider the value of the father in the household and provide the tools needed to begin healing the absent father wound.

It is an interesting speech and one that we need to hear and especially those who are still hurting from the absent father.  Take some time to listen and think about how we can help the child with the absent father.


Children and Allergies
Many children are affected by allergies and this can be an allergy to something in the environment, medication or even food.

What ever the allergy might be, it is very important that everyone is aware of the child's allergy and this means the school, the clubs, his friends and even his church.


Some allergies can be fatal and to avoid issues with allergies, they must be taken very seriously at all times.    Read our section on allergies.here.