Empowering Parents - A Resource Guide

Helping Students With On Line School
On line school brings it challenges but students have to try to adjust to it.

One of the things that you would want your child to start doing early is to adopt good habits that are needed to be successful in on-line classes.

Good habits can give your child a good start and as they go along, they become more confident. 

Parents can help children deal with on line school and the video on the left gives you some ideas.

More On Line Ideas To Help Children

The video on the left has some more ideas for you to help your child settle and handle on line classes.

What it does not mention, is the need for children to be involved in extra curricular activities after school which are not only good for physical exercise, but it is a great way for children to socialise.

Meeting up with friends at activities is something that children look forward to doing. Check our list of extra-curricular activities and let your child choose at least one activity to do after school.

Every Mother Should Hear This

The Problem that has no name but there is a solution for that problem.

Dr. Sheryl Ziegler, Doctor of Psychology, shares what mothers need in their lives in order to experience happiness and help prevent loneliness and depression.


The power of social connection and friendships will be explored as a key component to a mother’s well being and quality of life.   The video on the left is a good listen for all mums.

Let Your Child Take Some Risks
This guy in the video on the left sounds a bit crazy and he refers a lot to the USA but the information applies any where.

Think about what he is saying and then think about how you protect your child from everything.  Even something like learning to swim for some parents presents fear of the child drowning. 

I am not saying to let your child lick the battery, but give them the chance to learn by taking risk and avoid the fear mongering.