Empowering Parents - A Resource Guide

Children Aare Going Back To School

Schools in Barbados are expected to re-open on April 20th and it is a good idea to keep talking to children and help them to practice safe and healthy habits to protect themselves and others.

Practicing can become the norm and we want all children to recognise the importance of these health and safety tips during this pandemic.

The video on the right says everything you have already heard, but it is good to play it again and again with children.  

Extra Curricular Activities Can Help Children
Children need to learn how to win and lose and how to pick up again after disappointment.  

Let them look at the athlete who trains tirelessly and loses an important match or a race. 

Naoimi Osaka just lost her first match in the semi-finals of the Miami Open after a 23 match winning streak.  Disappointed? Yes.  Broken? No.

The Dutch Parents Raise Their Children
Every parent wants the best for their children and we have been fooled that starting children as early as possible in everything and giving them all that they need is necessary for successful children.


We even push children in academics from very young ages and we burden them with the ideas that getting top grades at school is one of the most important things in their lives.

We tend to forget their happiness and the need for children to be first happy and to be children before anything else.  Enjoy the video on the right.

Positive Thinking Children 

How can you instill positive beliefs in your children? Parenting expert, Shelly Lefkoe, says the way our children feel about the world comes down to how their parents teach and respond to them.

The video on the left has some really good tips for parents.  Shelly Lefkow explains how we need to give our children some attention and how we need to listen to them.

Take time and just listen to the video on the left.

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