Empowering Parents - A Resource Guide

Child Mental Health Tips For Parents

Sound mental health is the foundation that supports all other aspects of human development, from the formation of friendships to the achievement of success in school.

Mental Health begins in early childhood as childhood experiences impacts a child’s emotional well-being.

Take some time to listen to the video on the right and check our pages on child mental health.

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How To Motivate Your Children

Why do we give one instruction to children with different personalities and expect the same results when we know that what motivates one does not motivate the other.

The needs of each personality are not only relevant to the children in our lives, but to everyone we encounter, and the video on the right provides easy and actionable ways to motivate and empower those around us.

Take  a few minutes and listen to how easy it is to motivate our children.

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How Scary News Can Impact Kids Who Learn And Think Differently

Being exposed to tragic or stressful news can affect children in many ways.and especially children who learn and think differently.

Some children will need extra support and to cope with and process stressful news.

With all the stressful news around this article can assist in helping you to deal with children who might need some help.      Continue reading

Youth Violence Starts In The Home

Violence in the home is usually hushed and many times it results in very angry young people and that often leads to violent young people.

Visit our section on youth violence and think about how we can help to prevent youth violence and how to heal families for better schools and better communities.           
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