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Empowering Parents   -   A Resource Guide

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Extracurricular activities can play an essential role in the overall development of children and it is wise to invest in an activity that your child enjoys and wants to try. Think about the children we see in various activities. Imagine the swimmer gliding through the water having to constantly think about the skill to go faster. The dancer performing with a group and having to know when to move or where to move to and what step is next. Or even the cricketer always having to be thinking when he is batting or bowling. These activities keep children thinking and that usually transforms to their academics. Extracurricular activities also create ways for children to socialize, understand one another and many encourage team work that teaches children how to work with others which is an important life skill. It goes even further in helping children work towards a specific goal and provide them a sense of connection and collaboration. These activities bring something that traditional academics may not. How it feels to be on stage in front of hundreds of people, how to handle defeat gracefully, how to win and still be humble and how to deal with disappointment so that you can benefit from it. Another important skill that extracurricular activities provide, is time management, which children learn when they have to balance school, activities, homework and even competitions. Children however, should not be forced into any activity, they should be allowed to explore various activities until they find one that they really enjoy and that is when it becomes beneficial. Discuss extracurricular activities with your children and give them an opportunity to explore what is available and stand with them as they try new things and as they progress in the activity.

Look at the concentration, the discipline and the focus that comes with a performance like that. Activities like dance can assist children in their overall development.

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