Empowering Parents - A Resource Guide

How Do We Raise Resilient Children
Some children fall apart after suffering from adverse experiences, but some children thrive?

How do they do it?  Resilience!

What is resilience?  Resilience is the ability to overcome adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats and even significant sources of stress.

The video on the left speaks about resilience, the importance of raising resilient children and how we can raise children to be resilient.  It is worth spending some time to listen to it.  

Cell Phones Are The New Parents

Do you know what your child watched on their cell phone today?

Cell phones are raising our kids today whether you realize it or not.  At what age do you give your child a cell phone and why?

Some children as young as five have cell phones in their hands and some are becoming addicted to the phones.

This video on the left should be a wake up call for us.

The Impact of Social Media On Youth

The young lady in the video on the left, shares her views on how social media can be used positively.

Indeed there are many good uses for social media and instead of banning children from their devices to avoid them getting too addicted to social media, it would be wise to teach children the positive side of social media.

Banning does not work, helping children to understand the benefits of social media can be more beneficial. 

Body Image And Social Media
Social media has been linked to depression, anxiety,
loneliness and body image issues in young people.

The twin sisters in the video on the left, share their experiences with comparing themselves on social media.

We are seeing many of our young people altering their pictures on social media which speaks to the concern that too many young people are comparing themselves with others and cannot accept themselves.  Let us see how we can help our youth!