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What A Child Needs

Physical Needs


  • Shelter

  • Water and sanitation

  • Protection from environmental pollution

  • Adequate food

  • Adequate clothing

  • Protection from violence

  • Protection from exploitation and abuse

  • Opportunities for development of
     physical potentials

Spiritual Needs

  • Exploration and appreciation of the
     nature of life

  • Understanding of what lies beyond
     the immediate world

Social, Economic and Cultural needs

  • Opportunities for play and

  • Access to quality education and

  • Stable social and economic

  • Knowledge of and respect for own language, religion and culture

  • Access to health care

  • Freedom from discrimination

  • Opportunities to contribute and
     acquire responsibility

  • Opportunities for meaningful
     empowering work and service

Psychological Needs (Intellectual, Emotional & Volitional)

  • A stable and loving family environment

  • Access to appropriate guidance and support

  • Access to age appropriate information

  • Respect for privacy and confidentiality

  • Recognition of and respect for emerging
    competencies and opportunities to take
    growing levels of responsibility

  • Opportunities to be listened to and

  • A sense of belonging and identity

  • A sense of worth and being valued

  • Being able to develop cognitive talents
    and creative potentials

Wants Versus Needs


All children have needs.  However we must be able to differentiate between 'wants' and 'needs'.  A child may want a toy just like the one his friend has. That is different to his need for food to nourish his body.

Take care of your child's needs before rushing to provide 'wants'.

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