Our Projects 2021

The Rest Of 2021 Must Be Better!

Last year, we reached out to a number of you to assist with the numerous requests for help that came to us from families across Barbados and you responded.  It is therefore because of  you that the Barbados Children Directory was able to assist in:

1.  Helping with food for families during the pandemic

2. Helping with issues at schools where parents felt that they were     
    unable to cope with a situation.

3. Helping with mental health issues with children.

3. Supplying a home with electricity.

4. Providing books and school supplies to children


5. Supplying clothing, toys and book for children. 

We are extremely grateful to you and we look forward to your help this year as many families are facing even more challenges than before.


With the goal to help parents who call on us for assistance we pray that God will Bless all of us and allow us to fulfill our wishes as we try to work with parents to brighten the lives of as many children as possible.  


As you know, Barbados Children Directory networks with various professionals and authorities to get the best advice and help for children and we will continue this in 2021. 


We collect used clothing, toys and books in our  'Pass It On Project' and through this, we have been able to give children good used items, and sometimes we get brand new items for the children.  Please keep donating as these items bring smiles to many children. 


This year we are adding used school uniforms to our list of items needed as some uniforms we had were well accepted last summer.  So please donate and help to ease the burdens of some parents to provide for children. 


We encourage your ideas and support and again we thank all of you for your donations.

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May is Child Month in Barbados
Our focus is going to be on Child Abuse and in particular:


  • Corporal Punishment

  • Domestic Violence

  • Sexual Abuse of Children

  • Mental Health in Children

  • Teacher Bullying

  • Isolation, Abandonment and Neglect

We are offering Blue Ribbons as a sign of awareness of child abuse.  We are hoping that everyone will wear a blue ribbon to show support for your concern about child abuse.

There will also be zoom seminars on our areas of focus to which parents and the general public will be invited.

The details on the seminars and activities for our child month awareness will be announced at the end of April.

Saturday June 01 is Global Day of Parents and on that day we are organising a seminar on:  Ço-parenting.  All will be invited to attend.


June 16th is Father's Day and we will be featuring some dads on our Video that week.  Children will be invited to send in Father's Day messages for their dads to be posted on our face book page.

We are hoping to see summer camps during July and August and we would like to encourage parents to get children out to camp.

We are going to feature a list of camps that we recommend as we would like to see children out and having fun and being children this summer.

August 10 is World Humanitarian Day

Child Rights are Human Rights and we will be bringing awareness to Child Rights on that day.

20 November is Universal Day of the Child

This day is recognised globally to celebrate children and to bring awareness to the plight of children around the world.

We will be again focusing on child abuse on that day using social media forums.

October is Education Month in Barbados 
Using social media foums, we are going to speak on the concerns of parents when it comes to education and what parents should be doing to help their children achieve.

Detailed plans for education month will be announced at a later date.

The month of December is all about love and giving and children look forward to gifts, new clothes and special Christmas treats.

We would like to ensure that families have food for Christmas and that every child has a good meal and some snacks during the Christmas holiday.

We would appreciate all assistance that we can get to make this possible for the children.   More details will follow but you can plan how to assist us with our food drive in December.