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Our Projects 2022

Wednesday June 01 is Global Day of Parents


As this comes at the end of our child month, we will honour some special parents on that day.  


June 19h is Father's Day and we are asking fathers to send us a video saying, 'What Being A Father Means To Me'. and children can also send in their 'My Dad' messages via video.

August 10 is World Humanitarian Day

Child Rights are Human Rights and we will again be bringing awareness to Child Rights on that day.

October is Education Month in Barbados 
Using social media foums, we are going to speak on the concerns of parents when it comes to education and what parents should be doing to help their children achieve.

Detailed plans for education month will be announced at a later date.

20 November is Universal Day of the Child

This day is recognised globally to celebrate children and to bring awareness to the plight of children around the world.

We will be again focusing on child abuse on that day using social media forums.

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