Child Month Details

How To Join In The Discussion

Parents, grand parents, guardians and friends of children are all invited to join the conversations on the particular day by means of 'chat', video or even photos.

Any one can start a discussion on any day on the given topic and you can join in any discussion to make it 'real' and about what children are facing today and what as parents you have seen work or not work.  The whole idea is for us to share information and to give each other tips on how we can help our children.

Parents are invited to submit videos of discussions with their own children or any group, including your church group so that we get as many different views as possible and we can discuss.

On Give Back Day we are asking parents to encourage children to give back by giving something to someone or a charity or help someone that day.  Children can donate their used toys,books and clothing to a charity or another child, do a chore for an elderly person, read for another child or they can start to save now and buy a meal for someone in need.  the child can even volunteer at Ocean Acres Animal Centre where there is a youth group.  These are just a few ideas, but the child can create his/her own way to give back.  Send us photos or videos about the child's charitable work.

On Mother's Day, children can submit videos about their mums and send their mother's day greeting to mum.


Conversations With Children Every Wednesday we will present a video of children discussing the particular topic for that day.   You are invited to have the discussion with your children or a group of children and submit your video for posting. 

The more videos we get on children voicing their opinions will allow us to know how the children are thinking and the information can be useful in charting plans to assist children.


The topics are:

11 May -    Dealing with challenges  -  Children speak on how they handled their
                  challenges including disabilities and the problems they face.
18 May -    How extra curricular activities help me – Children who are involved in
                  activities can tell us about the activity and how they benefit from their    
                  involvement in it.  This can be done by individuals  or groups of children.              

25 May -    Money Talk– Children will discuss their understanding of money,
                  budgeting and how they save.  Again groups of children or  individuals can submit videos on the topic.


Get Children Involved In The Activities on Saturdays and Sundays 

Stand Up Against Child Abuse  - On Saturday 14th May, all persons across the island will be asked to stand up against child abuse by wearing the colour Blue.