Child Month Activities
May 2022

Monday 16               Today’s Discussion   -  Covering up of child Abuse

Tuesday 17              Today’s Discussion –    Child Abuse in Schools

Wednesday 18         Conversation - Child Rights - Do Our Children Know Their Rights

Thursday 19             Today’s Discussion – Benefits of Extra Curricular Activities

Friday 20                  Today’s Discussion - The Challenges of Special Needs Children

Saturday 21             Encourage children try something new – a sport, dance, art, music, volunteering, etc. and
                                 submit videos

Sunday 22               Getting Children to Volunteering    -  Volunteering With Animals

Monday 23               Today’s Discussion – Benefits from Extra Curricular Activities

Tuesday 24              Today’s Discussion – Social Media & Children & Cyber Safety

Wednesday 25         Today’s Discussion – Money Talk With Children –

Thursday 26             Today’s Discussion – Dealing With Failure and Success

Friday 27                  Today’s Discussion - Parents chat about Education 

Saturday 28              Nature and The Development of Children

Sunday 29                Children Learn About The Blue Economy

Monday 30               Today’s Discussion – Start a habit of hugging your child before he/she goes off to school every day and
                                 remind them that you love them. & How Parents Can Get help.

Tuesday 31              Presentation – Winners of Reading competition  & Presentation  Winners of Young Achievers Awards