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What We Also Do

Last year, we reached out to a number of you to assist with the numerous requests for help that came to us from families across Barbados and you responded.  It is therefore because of  you that the Barbados Children Directory was able to assist in:

1.  Helping with food for families during these difficult times

2.  Providing books and school supplies to children


3. Supplying clothing, toys and book to children. 

4. Pay utility bills 


Christmas was especially special to us as we saw the faces of children lit up when they were presented with Christmas gifts but most of all, food items.

As usual we were also able to offer advice to parents who sought information on health and educational matters and in many cases we assisted them in getting the help that was needed for children.

We are extremely grateful to you and we look forward to your help this year as many families continue to be challenged in a number of ways.


With the goal to help parents who call on us for assistance we pray that God will Bless all of us and allow us to fulfill our wishes as we try to work with parents to brighten the lives of as many children as possible.  


As you know, Barbados Children Directory networks with various professionals and authorities to get the best advice and help for children and we will continue this in 2022 


We collect used clothing, toys and books in our  'Pass It On Project' and through this, we have been able to give children good used items, and sometimes we get brand new items for the children.


With escalating food prices, providing food for families is still a big challenge for many parents and we continue to collect food items to be distributed as needed.

We encourage your ideas and support and again we thank everyone for your donations.

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